Kyrah Paris

Born amongst the quiet mid-West Australian coast, Kyrah has always been inspired by the environment around her, whether its in colour schemes, objects or textures. Currently residing in Perth, Kyrah’s art takes influence from both the rough Australian landscape that borders on the beautiful beaches. Along with the urban influence from her underlying love of architecture of modern cities and its bustling inhabitants.


This contrast of inspiration, along with her emotions, sets the tone for each of her pieces. Her work has no limit to its style, she has softness with her watercolour work, and boldness with her acrylic work. She works on a range of projects, previously doing commission pieces for a book, and working on mediums from paper and wood to surfboards and skateboards.

Before this project working with me on the bikini design, she had only dabbled in still life, as she typically focused on faces and places, but her love for all things ocean inspired her process resulting in a satisfying outcome for both of us. 

Thanks so much for your beautiful work Kyrah! You can checkout her art on Instagram @kyrahparris 💛✌🏼🌻


Tessa Pfeifer

Tessa’s career did not actually start in art, rather in marine sciences! In 2017 she moved to Charleston, SC to pursue her Master’s degree in Marine biology. After graduating in 2020, she continued working at the NOAA Hollings Marine Laboratory. Her work involved responding to stranded marine mammals along the SC coast, and microplastic research.
One of the greatest perks of the job were the frequent field days exploring the marshes and secluded islands around Charleston.  It was here that she really became interested in creatively capturing the flora and fauna around her. Tessa’s art is heavily influenced by the creatures and ecosystems of the coast and low country.
Although she typically uses oil, acrylic, and watercolor, she has recently picked up digital illustration – the method used to draw the design for the 2nd VBS line. Thank you for your beautiful work on VBS!! Be sure to find her on Instagram @tpsketches and at her website: