Our Materials

We are proud to say that Vaga Bella Swim is made with 100% recycled yarns! We have sourced Nylon, Elastane and Polyester from an innovative Italian fabrics company. 

Now, we all know that somehow the Italians just know fashion and fabrics a little better than the rest of the world.. so not only are the materials ultra high quality, super soft and breathable, but they’ve also got mother nature’s back!

The company we source our fabric from is a certified member of the Bluesign® Group and all of their products and technologies are Bluesign® certified, to ensure the highest standards of friendliness to the environment in each and every stage of the production chain.

Slow, sustainable fashion is the way of the future.   

For every 1000kg of recycled Nylon that is made it is:

 Reducing our atmospheric CO2 emissions by 1424kg which is equivalent to: 

  • the CO2 emission of the lightbulb during 401.500 hours 
  • the CO2 emissions of a car driving 8544km
  • the CO2 amount of 160 Pinus halfpennies tree absorb in one year!! 

Shopping for swimwear that is using recycled materials reduces the demand for raw material and consumption. Reducing our waste generation thereby prolongs landfill life. 

Our wooden rings we have carefully sourced for our swimwear are made of Albesia wood, which is often referred to as a 'weed'. A lot of people in Indonesia are glad to remove these plants from their gardens and villages. Lighter than most pine species, it is a fast growing tree species that can be harvested within 3-5 years. The trees can easily grow in different climate latitude and terrain such as in the highlands and lowlands, in high rainfall areas or in areas where rainfall is low, on flat land or sloping ground, in good soil or in sandy soil.

Most Albasia trees are planted by local farmers due to its easy growth, thus it is very sustainable and earth friendly. Other than being sustainable, Albasia has helped as an additional income for the low income group of people in Indonesia. This has very big economic advantages for the country.

Ethical Manufacturing

Each and every one of our garments are designed onboard La Vagabonde, and ethically made in Bali - Indonesia. There are roughly 40 million garment makers in the world today. They are some of the lowest paid people, 85% of whom are women, and nearly all of whom do not share the same rights and freedoms that people in developed countries do.

Vaga Bella Swim™ has teamed up with an agency, who has helped us connect with our designers and a factory that aligns with our values. I have always loved the spirit of Bali and it’s people. The idea of having our pieces hand made and with love by the Balinese, was always going to be a part of our story. As I (Elayna) am living full-time on a sailboat, it is our agent who is on site and maintains a good relationship with the individuals who hand make our beautiful pieces. She insures the health, safety and wellbeing of our team and adheres to all of the International Labour Organisation’s core conventions, as ratified by the Indonesian government.

Plastic Free

Like, how annoying is it when you receive a package in the mail wrapped in a mountain of unnecessary plastic? We are proud to ship 100% plastic free using:

〰️ We use biodegradable postage satchels that are produced from plant materials. Yep, they’re 100% biodegradable ladies! Go ahead and place them in your compost bin or bury them in the garden and nature will take care of the rest.

〰️ Inside our wonderful mailers, we've wrapped your purchase in 100% recycled, un-waxed and uncoated, Eco-friendly wrapping paper. Holding that paper together, is our 100% bio-degradable paper tape. We gotcha back girls. 

〰️ Our hang tags and thank you cards are made of 100% recycled paper.


We, and the planet, thanks you for shopping responsibly (even if you did buy three pairs, lol). 


Enjoy my loves.