Kỳ Diệu

For the dreamers, the magic seekers
The few devoted to discovering a new
who get lost in the magic of living. 
Kỳ Diệu recognizes that those who wander with wonder 
are certainly most found.

With colors and prints inspired by the beauty of a place rich in culture, land and seascape. We traveled in daydreams to create a collection that might transport us to a place we’ve been longing to go. 
The national flower, inspired our gingham ‘Hoa Sen’ print with a green as vibrant as their rainforests and emerald waters. The Lotus is a symbol of optimism for the future. Similar to the sentiment of a Pheonix this delicate flower closes at night, sinks underwater, rises and opens again at dawn. Blooming anew with each hopeful morning. 
The Halong Bay Print shows a scene we can’t wait to experience ourselves. The towering limestone islands, Fishing boats and beckoning beaches in our favorite Mui Ne Sand color. The name sake for this print is home to Hawks, Sea Eagles, monkeys, antelopes, lizards and frogs. The print was hand drawn to depict the surface of this astonishing place but underwater the bay boasts of high bio diversity with over 200 unique types of fish. 
The colors of this collection were drawn from the deeply rich sand dunes of Mũi Né beach and the gradient of Ôliu (olive green) tones painted throughout the countries vast and varied land and seascapes. These tones are vibrant, earthy, and stunningly worn.
As plans ever evolve with the past year proving to have its own share of challenges; we had expected to have been living this Kỳ Diệu daydream rather than escaping to it in our minds eye. Elayna and I both, had planned to be photographing and launching this collection with the real life backdrop of this incredible location. To be able to celebrate the culture, communities, and beauty first hand. Until then, escape alongside us vicariously and with a heart full of wonder.