Collectively we wander our world, cycling through births and rebirths. A half moon to a full, a sunrise to a sunset. This collection was inspired by the feeling and act of living anew, embracing the next chapter. Vaga Bella will always celebrate the adventure of life and who we are as we grow and change from each experience. Believing that each version of ourselves ebs and flows toward our greatest purpose, the self we are destined to be and the self we were born to become. Each deserving it's moment in the sun.
 The Half Moon Dot, inspired by the cycle of the moon and its ever waxing and waning. The yin and the yang, opposition always balanced but fundamentally different. The two bikini sets are also a nod to the duality of life and our different stages. One providing coverage and support and the other feeling free and uninhibited. But both pairing perfectly back to the mini me Rashie.
The Sunrise Shimmer Print, glittering like the reflection of light on the ocean. The gorgeous gradation of this stripe shows the rise and the fall of the sun over the blue of the water. The end of one day and the beginning of another. A one piece and a bikini option, along with our swimmable skirt cover-up for coverage and versatility. 
Sirens Call Red, we were drawn to this color just as sailors were to the same mythological melody. So hypnotizing and bright. This color is a symbol of courage, bravery, and heroism. Every quality we need to live our lives fully and without fear of the unknown path ahead. A color to celebrate each rebirth of ourselves. Unmooring us from what was, and casting us off toward what will be. 
We invite you to join us in embracing the next chapter.
X Elayna & Ava