Men’s Trimaran Trunks
Men’s Trimaran Trunks
Men’s Trimaran Trunks
Men’s Trimaran Trunks
Men’s Trimaran Trunks
Men’s Trimaran Trunks

Men’s Trimaran Trunks

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For our Fella’s! These elastic waist with drawstring trunks are all comfort. Front and single back pockets. 5” medium length inseam. Made up in our black and white Trimaran print.

REPREVE® Recycled Fabric

Riley is wearing a size Medium.

Why support VBS?
Reason #1

Our dream is for Vaga Bella Swim™ to be 100% self sustainable and for all profits to be donated to charity

Donations will be made yearly, with Effective Altruism Funds being the default charity, receiving 50% of what's raised. The other 50% of what's raised is going to remain open to our community! This is a great way for you, the customer, to be more a part of the process and to choose what cause you want to support.

By purchasing our swim, you are essentially helping set up an eco-friendly business that is going to give back to the planet, its animals and its people. 

"This entire project was created for the love and want to surround myself with beautiful and talented women. To create a community of salty, sun kissed mermaids who want to make a difference. It was created with the passion to be a better role model for younger women. To show the world that fashion doesn't have to come at such an environmental cost."

- Elayna Carausu, founder of Vaga Bella Swim™

Reason #2

Vaga Bella Swim™ is made with 100% recycled yarns ♻️ Slow, sustainable fashion is the way of the future.

We have sourced Nylon, Elastane and Polyester from an innovative Italian fabrics company. 

For every 1000kg of recycled Nylon that is made it is:

Reducing our atmospheric CO2 emissions by 1424kg which is equivalent to: 

 〰️ the CO2 emission of the lightbulb during 401.500 hour

〰️ the CO2 emissions of a car driving 8544km

〰️ the CO2 amount of 160 Pinus halfpennies tree absorb in one year!! 

Shopping for swimwear that is using recycled materials reduces the demand for raw material and consumption. Reducing our waste generation thereby prolongs landfill life. 

We also practice ethical manufacturing as well as ship plastic free.